I am a passionate Software Developer with over 15 years of experience. After compulsory school, I started studying Medical Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna. During my studies, I worked for several different companies and developed some Database (sql, plsql) and C# Applications.

In 2014 I discovered a great interest in Mobile Application Development – Android Development to be specific.  So I decided to jump into that field after finishing my master’s degree. I got a position at Tailored Apps – Austria’s leading mobile app agency where I worked on some of the biggest mobile Apps in Austria, such as die PresseGeizhals or willhaben. After this, I worked for RIAG Digital / REWE Group and together with an awesome team, we developed State of the Art eCommerce Apps, like the Billa App.

I am working as a Freelance Android Developer since 2020.

On my blog, I will write about topics that I am currently involved with and hope to provide a lot of valuable information to my readers.