My Coroutines Course just got a BIG update: Kotlin Flow for Android Development

Hi Readers 👋

There hasn’t been a lot of news from my side lately, but today I can announce something big!

I spent the last months extending my already existing Course about Kotlin Coroutines for Android with modules about Kotlin Flow!

The result is an additional 6 hours of video content about Kotlin Flow, making the course 15 hours long in total. I am pretty sure that this is now the most comprehensive video course about Coroutines and Flow on Android on the Internet.

The new modules cover:

  • Flow Basics
  • Reactive Programming
  • Flow Builders
  • Flow Operators (lifecycle operators, intermediate operators, terminal operators)
  • Flow Exception Handling
  • Flow Cancellation
  • Hot & Cold Flows
  • SharedFlow and StateFlow
  • Channels

Get the Course with a nice discount!

I hope this course is helpful for a lot of developers!


Lukas Lechner

I'm a Freelance Android Developer and Online Course Creator. I have many years of professional experience as an Android Developer and worked on some of the biggest mobile apps projects in Germany and Austria. I like to write articles for my blog and speak at meetups and conferences.