My Coroutines Course just got a BIG update: Kotlin Flow for Android Development

Hi Readers 👋

There hasn’t been a lot of news from my side lately, but today I can announce something big!

I spent the last months extending my already existing Course about Kotlin Coroutines for Android with modules about Kotlin Flow!

The result is an additional 6 hours of video content about Kotlin Flow, making the course 15 hours long in total. I am pretty sure that this is now the most comprehensive video course about Coroutines and Flow on Android on the Internet.

The new modules cover:

  • Flow Basics
  • Reactive Programming
  • Flow Builders
  • Flow Operators (lifecycle operators, intermediate operators, terminal operators)
  • Flow Exception Handling
  • Flow Cancellation
  • Hot & Cold Flows
  • SharedFlow and StateFlow
  • Channels

Get the Course with a nice discount!

I hope this course is helpful for a lot of developers!


Kotlin Coroutines Exception Handling Cheat Sheet

Exception Handling with Kotlin Coroutines is hard. I wrote an extensive article about it and gave talks about it at several conferences. Some developers suggested creating some kind of cheat sheet that could be helpful for implementing appropriate exception handling in coroutine-based code. Here it is 😉. It contains the six most important points. You can either download the PDF or read this article.

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How to run an expensive calculation with Kotlin Coroutines on the Android Main Thread without freezing the UI

On Android, you should usually perform CPU-intensive tasks on a background thread. Otherwise, if we perform them on the main thread, the UI freezes and gets unresponsive. With Coroutines, however, it is possible to perform expensive computations without ever leaving the main thread and without impacting the functionality of the UI. In this blog post, I show you how this is possible. However, I will also tell you why you should never follow this approach in a real production app.

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Do I need to call suspend functions of Retrofit and Room on a background thread?

After publishing my open source project about Coroutines on Android, which currently includes 16 of the most common, real-world use cases of using Coroutines in an Android application, one of the most common questions I get from developers was whether or not we have to switch to a background thread whenever we call a suspend function to make a network request with Retrofit or a database call with Room in order to not block the main thread which would make the UI freeze and get unresponsive.

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Understanding Kotlin Coroutines with this mental model

For the majority of developers, the concept of a coroutine is pretty unfamiliar, although the first ideas date back to the early sixties. This is because we started to learn Software Development with programming languages like Java, in which the concept of a coroutine simply does not exist. What we did learn, however, are how basic concepts like classes, functions, and interfaces work. Over time, we developed a fundamental understanding of these essential, yet abstract concepts.

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