Do I need to call suspend functions of Retrofit and Room on a background thread?

After publishing my open source project about Coroutines on Android, which currently includes 16 of the most common, real-world use cases of using Coroutines in an Android application, one of the most common questions I get from developers was whether or not we have to switch to a background thread whenever we call a suspend function to make a network request with Retrofit or a database call with Room in order to not block the main thread which would make the UI freeze and get unresponsive.

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Understanding Kotlin Coroutines with this mental model

For the majority of developers, the concept of a coroutine is pretty unfamiliar, although the first ideas date back to the early sixties. This is because we started to learn Software Development with programming languages like Java, in which the concept of a coroutine simply does not exist. What we did learn, however, are how basic concepts like classes, functions, and interfaces work. Over time, we developed a fundamental understanding of these essential, yet abstract concepts.

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Comparing Kotlin Coroutines with Callbacks and RxJava

I am currently investing a lot of time in learning about Kotlin Coroutines 🎓. Therefore, I did some research about the most common use cases for using Coroutines on Android and implemented them in an [open-source example project]. It currently contains 16 common use cases implemented with Coroutines. I think the samples in this project can be helpful for lots of developers 👨‍💻.

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Kotlin Coroutines – Use Cases on Android

For the last couple of weeks, I worked really hard on a new open-source project called Kotlin Coroutines – Use Cases on Android. Today, I am really proud to present “Version 1.0” to you!

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Do we still need LeakCanary now that Android Studio 3.6 has “Memory Leak Detection”?

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Learnings from KotlinConf 2019

I attended KotlinConf for the first time this year and was really excited to fly to Copenhagen and see what’s going on around Kotlin. As usual, I am going to write about the things I learned at this conference.

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Slides from my presentation “Experiments with Kotlin Multiplatform”

I talked about Kotlin Multiplatform at the Android Heads Vienna Meetup on April, 4th 2019.

Here are the slides. You can find the sample repository here.


Why we use Kotlin for Android Application Development

I wrote about ‘Why we use Kotlin for Android Application Development’ for the blog of my company.


Learnings from Droidcon London 2018

I attended Droidcon London on the 27th and 28th of October 2018. I made it a habit to write a blogpost about all the things I learned after every conference. This forces me to listen to the talks very carefully and find out the essence of the presentation and then afterwards put my learnings into words in a clear and comprehensible way.

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Experiments with Android WorkManager, our new reliable assistant for deferrable background work

At Google IO 2018, a new library from the Architecture Components of Android Jetpack, called Android WorkManager was presented. Android WorkManager promises to simplify working with background tasks that get executed even after the application’s process got killed, which is currently really hard to do on Android.

This blog post captures my first experiments with Android WorkManager. The goal was to find out if a real-world problem in a mobile application could be solved in an easy way with the help of Android WorkManager.

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