My first online course “Mastering Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development” is now available!

Today it’s time to celebrate! 🥳

After more than 6 months of really hard work, I finally released my very first online course: Mastering Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development.

It was quite a ride and WAY harder than initially expected. I planned on 3-4 hours of video content and ended up with 9+. But now I can say with great confidence, that it is probably the most extensive and in-depth course about Coroutines on Android. 💪

So now I can officially call myself “Course Creator” 😉. As you probably noticed as an attentive reader of this blog, there is a new menu item at the top that’s labeled “Courses”. A new course about Kotlin Flow is already in the pipeline and I will start to work on it in Summer 2021. For now, I am really looking forward to working as an Android Freelancer until then. But you can still expect new content in the near future!

Thanks again for reading this post, and don’t forget to have to check out Mastering Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development.


Lukas Lechner

I'm a Freelance Android Developer and Online Course Creator. I have many years of professional experience as an Android Developer and worked on some of the biggest mobile apps projects in Germany and Austria. I like to write articles for my blog and speak at meetups and conferences.